Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gangnam Style AKA The Korean 'Party Rock Anthem'

I've held off posting "Gangnam Style" for a few weeks because I'm kind of miffed that the first true K-Pop crossover hit is a borderline novelty song that basically deconstructs LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" and rebuilds it from a distinctly Korean perspective. Why couldn't this happen to someone truly worthy like BoA? But my opinion doesn't really matter. PSY's unavoidable floorfiller has gone viral - passing 75 million views on YouTube and shooting up iTunes around the world, including Australia where it is top 40. So, is "Gangnam Style" any good? I really like it but this is one of the rare occasions where the US did it first and better than Korea. At least the video (below) is amazing. The ridiculous dance routine - another bastardisation of the infamous Melbourne Shuffle - is all kinds of awesome and the quirky set-ups really work. PSY is a natural comedian and he is very likeable. If the song really explodes, hopefully it will open the door for other K-Pop acts to break internationally. Fingers crossed.

Here I Am Bitching About Geri Halliwell & Lady Gaga On The Radio

Some of you asked to hear my shade-filled radio segment. I think I showed a lot of restraint. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Win A Signed Copy Of Melissa Tkautz's Greatest Hits CD!

I have a signed copy of Melissa Tkautz's iTunes-conquering greatest hits compilation. The new and improved Immaculate Collection was only released digitally but a couple of physical copies were whipped up for media and fan giveaways. To win this stunning luxury item all you have to do is tweet me - @poptrashmike - the answer to the following, extremely obvious question:

Why is Melissa Tkautz better than Madonna?

Here's the diva's epic cover of Aqua's "Barbie Girl" (below) in case you need some inspiration.

Kat DeLuna's Latest Triumph - Wanna See You Dance (La La La)

Queen Kat can do no wrong. Seriously, I don't think she's ever released a dud track. Which makes her chart record all the more perplexing. When will the world wake up to her musical genius? Well, the Dominican diva's time has finally come. "Wanna See You Dance (La La La)" is another piping hot song and deserves to be massive. As usual, the sexy Latina adds some exotic flavour - this time by incorporating Samba elements into the irresistible club-banger. The combination works beautifully with Kat's saucy vocal and the myriad of different hooks. Trust me, you won't get those "la la las" out of your head in a hurry. That takes us to the video (below). RedOne's original muse looks cute with her new blond bob but I really did just want to see the pocket rocket dance. Instead, Kat spends most of her time hiding behind plastic palm leaves in the rain. Fail. At least the song is fire and her new Spanish single "Sobredosis" is just as good. You better stan for the first lady of exotic dance anthems!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pass The Dutchie, Bitches. EliZe Has Returned To Save Pop!

EliZe is one of my favourite pop stars. The flawless Dutch diva won an international following with her superb 2006 debut In Control, which spawned a minor Australian hit called "Automatic". If the name of the song doesn't ring a bell, chances are you'll remember the sexy video. They must played it on Video Hits for an entire year! EliZe returned in 2009 with a solid sophomore set called More Than Meets The Eye (I still listen to "Shine Like A Superstar" on an almost-daily basis) but it didn't sell as well as her debut and Holland's greatest contribution to modern civilization since legal dope appeared to fall off the face of the earth.

Until now. The holy pop legend is back with a high-camp cover/re-imagining of Musical Youth's 1982 classic "Pass The Dutchie", which is highly amusing because she's from the Netherlands. Geddit? I have to admit I was shocked when I heard the latest incarnation of EliZe. She's progressed from Kylie-lite pop to what is best-described as Euro-ska. The sample is very cute but the song comes into its own when she lets rip on all the lame guys chasing her. My favourite line is - "he really loves to hear himself talk, that's why I had to tell him twice to fuck off!" Could your fave? Then there's the sublime video (below), which finds the gorgeous singer reveling in stereotypes about her homeland.

"Pass The Dutchie (Treat Me Right)" probably isn't going to be EliZe's big break on the world stage but it's a great way to get some attention and remind everyone that she's back. If Eva Simons can carve out an international career, there's no reason why her equally talented countrywoman can't do the same.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beyoncé Unleashes "I Was Here" Remix

Way back in June I wrote a post about a couple of new Beyoncé remixes that found their way into my inbox. Some bitches thought I was lying but the WAWA mix of "I Was Here" has finally surfaced and is being prepped for a full club release in the UK. The other new remix - for "Start Over" - is yet to leak but I'll do that myself if it doesn't happen soon. This shit is too good to sit on. It's interesting because the original version was quite different. The Polish producers have toughened it up for the UK and given the track a darker, grittier feel, which sits with the lyrics better than the ever-so-cheesy original remix. Seriously, that (fabulous) shit sounded like Toni Braxton's era-defining "Unbreak My Heart" mixes. Who am I kidding? I adore both versions and love that the 4 era is still chugging along quietly.

Ready Or Not, Bridgit Mendler Is America's New Teen Pop Queen

Sorry for the lack of updates but it's been a crazy week. I've been filling in for someone on breakfast radio, writing articles for various websites, finding my feet in a new job and doing without the internet due to the death of my much-loved laptop. RIP La Toya.

Well, I'm back online and have a mountain of music to catch up on. I'll get around to writing about my faves later in the week but I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a song by a girl called Bridgit Mendler that has been burning up my iPod. "Ready Or Not" is American teen pop at its best. Think Selena Gomez meets Can't Be Tamed-era Miley Cyrus with a splash of vintage Vanessa Hudgens thrown in for good measure. Yes, it's really that amazing.

So who is this new pop powerhouse? The 19-year-old is yet another product of the Disney channel. She scored her big break last year when she starred in Lemonade Mouth, which is kind of like High School Musical for slightly cooler kids. The soundtrack reached the top 5 in America. A solo album was an inevitability and it's going to be pretty epic if "Ready Or Not" (below) is any indication. Written and produced by the guys behind such flawless anthems as Heidi Montag's "Body Language" and Demi Lovato's "Fix A Heart", the breezy jam hits all the right notes with its cheesy lyrics and addictive chorus.

Time will tell if Bridgit is the next Selena Gomez or is fated to follow Emily Osment's path to oblivion but this is a very promising beginning.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Taylor Swift Vs Carrie Underwood - Max Martin/Shellback Productions

Taylor Swift's new single was unveiled a couple of days ago and nearly melted the internet. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" destroyed Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" digital sales record in a matter of hours and topped iTunes charts around the world. But is the song any good? There was a time when I would have trashed anything Tay Tay released but I was completely won over by the Speak Now era. The album is immaculate and her contribution to The Hunger Games soundtrack is just as impressive. Which makes her latest offering a bit of a letdown. It's a nice little break-up song but I'm disappointed that she returned to her trademark Disney princess lyrics - only this time set to synthesizers. You can thank legendary hitmakers Max Martin and Shellback for that. Taylor called on them for a more commercial sound and they certainly delivered. This is going to be an Adele-sized hit. More power to her. I just think it's a bit of a step backward after the brilliance of "Mean", "Ours" and "Safe & Sound".

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is also, dare I say it, inferior to Carrie Underwood's collaboration with Max Martin and Shellback. Yes, Taylor got the idea of fusing country music and Swedish pop from the American Idol winner. Queen Carrie worked with the super-producers on her 2009 album Play On and got a better song. "Quitter" is such a sublime country-pop anthem. I will never understand why the track wasn't released as a single. It stands out like a sore thumb on that album for all the right reasons. The catchy, uptempo love song has hit written all over it and would have helped Carrie crossover into the pop market. I'm sure that was the goal. It's a shame her label didn't have the courage to see the plan through. If they did, Taylor mightn't have the monopoly on country-pop like she does now. Anyway, listen to "Quitter" (below) and judge for yourself who snagged the better Max Martin/Shellback tune. Carrie gets my vote.

BoA Murders Ya Fave With The Shadow

One of the best things about 2009 was the release of BoA's English album. It didn't exactly set the charts on fire but tracks like "Eat You Up" and "Energetic" did well in clubs and still hold up today. I've been waiting for the Korean diva to bless her substantial cult following with another English offering but she turned her attention to Japan in 2010 and is now in the process of revolutionising K-Pop with current album Only One. The lead single from that opus was a pretty mid-tempo ballad and shot to #1 in her homeland. However, the rest of us just want to see the Best of Asia dance. We get that and more in "The Shadow".

BoA's latest single is something of a triumph. Does anybody else get turn of the century pop vibes from this gem? It's Janet Jackson meets Britney by way of The Backstreet Boys - all in Korean! "The Shadow" is one of those K-Pop records that jumps the language divide and appeals to anyone who gets off on a slick groove and catchy chorus. And then there's the video (below). Seriously, South Korea is in a different league when it comes to the visual element. The 25-year-old acts out a dubious storyline with an alter-ego against a background of classy special effects and brilliant choreography. Make no mistake. BoA is a dancing machine and she delivers a master class in how to move your feet.

This is so great. BoA's English language follow-up can't come quick enough!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brandy & Breezy: Put It Down - Video Review

"Put It Down" was released digitally way back in May and didn't exactly shut iTunes down despite being a quality urban-pop jam. It's strange then that Brandy has waited almost three months to unveil the Hype Williams-directed video. I would have thought the moment had passed but I'm happy her label is still keeping the faith. So was it worth the wait? Not really. I feel like the fluorescent colours and different set-ups take away from the sexy tone of the song. It's quite a sparse, stripped-back jam. There was no reason to give it club-banger video. Not that it's awful. The worst driver in R&B looks gorgeous and seems to have finally got her groove back. She looks confident in a array of different outfits and does her best with the choreography.

I'm ready for the second-coming of Brandy. She's been in the pop wilderness for too long and still has what it takes vocally to put a lot of bitches in check. I just wish the presentation of this excellent song stayed faithful to her brand. Why is trying and failing to channel Beyoncé with the sexy dance moves? I know Frank Gaston choreographed the clip but the whole concept feels forced. The diva formerly known as Moesha is the archetypical girl-next-door. Let her be fun and pretty without the pussy-popping. As for Breezy's cameo appearance, well - he just does his thing. I love his rap and think the scene where they sit on the car is the highlight of the clip. Time will tell if "Put It Down" takes off. It's been a decade since Brandy's last US top 20 hit. I hope this breaks the drought.


My Current Obsession: The Rubens - My Gun

Yeah, I know this isn't the kind of shit I usually post but I've been playing "My Gun" on repeat since hearing it on the radio - so, hopefully, one of you might like it. The Rubens hail from Menangle in Sydney's South West, which makes them my second favourite thing to come from the greater Campbelltown area. Sam Margin and his buddies broke through last year with JJJ staple "Lay It Down" and have slowly been building their profile with an endless stream of gigs around the country. It's paid off. "My Gun" is shooting up iTunes and is already making major inroads on radio. There's just something hypnotising about this soulful jam. I love Sam's emotive voice and feel every word he sings. The video (below) is a little undercooked but I've seen a lot worse. Is it just me or does this sound like it should be on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack? Anyway, I now officially stan for this band now and will see you at their next Sydney gig.

Beyoncé Can Ride A Bike

Could your fave be this athletic?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Icona Pop & The Song Of The Year?

I'm a bit late on this. Scandipop fans and other cunts I usually ignore have been raving about this duo for the best part of a year but until now I've failed to see the appeal. Sure, "Manners" (which has been heavily sampled by Chiddy Bang on his current hit "Mind Your Manners") was a good song - if slightly pretentious Swedish indie-pop floats your boat. Personally, I'd rather listen to Bionda. So imagine my surprise when I heard "I Love It" in a club and pretty much had a multiple eargasm. Pop doesn't come much better than this nuclear-powered rant. Imagine flawless early '00s girlband Daphne and Celeste crossed with Luciana's trademarked electro-shouting for some idea of what to expect. The production goes hard and that chorus will have every drunk bitch from Brisbane to Broome singing along. Their less-is-more approach to music videos (below) also demands our admiration. This is the cheapest clip I've seen since Madonna's last effort. "I Love It" has been picked up by Neon Records in Australia and has hit written all over it. Download Icona Pop's future smash today for bragging rights.

Kelly Clarkson's Stunning Football Anthem

Just when I thought my love for Kelly Clarkson couldn't run any deeper, she goes and records a gay dance anthem for the Dallas Cowboys' official theme song. Seriously, could your fave? Sport hasn't been this fabulous since Tina Turner homosexualised a generation of Australian boys with those rugby league ads in the '80s! "Get Up (A Cowboy's Anthem)" is actually part of a new Pepsi promotion. They have commissioned a bunch of rappers and pop stars to record songs for their home football teams and will be releasing them as a free download when you scan a can of Pepsi in Walmart - or something classy like that. Someone needs to start a blog about Pepsi promotions because they always choose the finest celebrities. Who could forget the "We Will Rock You" campaign with Beyoncé, Pink, Britney and Enrique? As far as I'm concerned, Kelegend is a perfect choice to continue the legacy and "Get Up (A Cowboy's Anthem)" is an absolute beauty. I worship this camp trash and hope it gets the full single treatment. Do you think she could whip up something for the almighty Parramatta Eels when she brings her tour to Sydney next month? I'm counting the days!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Third Time Lucky For Elen Levon?

How amazing are those abs? I haven't seen a washboard stomach like that since Janet Jackson was thin (ie. in the '90s). It's odd then that this flawless cover was ditched in favour of the lackluster effort below. But more about that later. If you haven't guessed, Elen Levon is gearing up for the release of her third single and it's easily her best yet. "Dancing To The Same Song" was co-written and produced by 3OH!3 and the boys have delivered something special. Waves of heavy synths wash over cute party anthem lyrics before the catchiest chorus of 2012 kicks in. The track is undeniable. I loved "Naughty" and "Like A Girl In Love" but this is more current and radio friendly. Elen is scarily talented and has the tools to be an international star. Sometimes I just think her label has no idea what to do with her. Hence making a gorgeous 18-year-old look like a 45-year-old extra from Desperate Housewives on the official cover (below). Whatever. "Dancing To The Same Song" is pop perfection and cream always rises to the top eventually.

Melissa Tkautz - Greatest Hits Launch

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the impending release of Melissa Tkautz's hugely anticipated Greatest Hits collection. That must-have opus brought iTunes to its knees on Friday and is still selling like 21 at Overeaters' Anonymous. To celebrate more than two decades of hits, E Street's most successful diva performed a showcase at Rock Lily nightclub in Sydney's Star Casino and showed why she is still as relevant as the day she started. The blonde bombshell appeared on the stage in a sexy black cocktail dress and proceeded to belt out her stunning top 40 cover of "The Glamorous Life". That was followed by her seminal debut single "Read My Lips". Melissa had the entire crowd reaching for her detonator as she high-fived fans and posed for photos mid-song. It was nice to hear "I Want Your Love" live again - the last time I had the pleasure was at its release party in 2008 - and I'll never get enough of "Easily Affected", which remains one of the most underrated Australian pop songs of all time.

Sexy is still the word

The face of Australian lamb then brought things back to the present by belting out her recent Nick Jay collaboration "Something About You" and new single "Take Me Away". Mel described the latter as a nod to her '90s hey day and it does sound like something they might have played at the Albury in 1997. Not that I'm old enough to know. After a bit of banter, the perennially youthful diva followed that up with 1992's raunchy "Skin To Skin" before bringing her army of fans into a frenzy with a remix of "Sexy Is The Word". It's always a treat seeing Melissa strut her stuff. She sounded great and always looks like she's having a blast. Earlier that day, I sat down with Sydney's yummiest mummy for a chat (see below) and will be posting that clip in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Three Flawless Mexican Divas

Mexico does it better and here's the proof. In the past couple of weeks, the pop powerhouse has delivered triumph after triumph courtesy of legendary divas like María José, Fey and Belinda. Let's start with the former. I posted "Tú Ya Sabes a Mí", the lead single from La Josa's new album a few weeks ago and was slightly underwhelmed. It's a fun track but not the knock-out punch we're used to hearing from the ravishing beauty. Happily, María has come to her senses and settled on a different single to promote De Noche in Europe. "Extraña" is a vastly superior song and a far better representation of the album. I love every song on that gem and urge you to hunt down a copy.

That takes us to Fey. I've posted about this pop titan in the past but, in a nutshell, she was one of Mexico's biggest stars in the '90s - selling millions of albums and collecting number one after number one. Since then she's made more unsuccessful comeback attempts than Janet Jackson but I stanned for her last opus, which was basically the cheapest dance album ever recorded. This time she's back with a live album. I'm a bit confused but I think she's actually just singing old hits. Which is fine by me if "Frío" (below) is any indication of the quality. What a fucking anthem! The chorus is electric and Fey's live vocals sound better than your fave in the studio with T-Pain's autotune machine. Bring on the album - I can't wait!

Last and least is Belinda. It kills me to speak ill of the diva that brought us "Dopamina" - one of my favourite songs of all time - but "En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar" is a huge step backwards. The ex-Cheetah Girl is known for her international sound, high profile collaborations and quality production. Three qualities that are missing from this mess. It's not a bad song but I expect more from the Latin icon, particularly when the leaks from her upcoming album have been so brilliant. At least the video (below) is a flawless affair, which finds Belinda wandering around a beach with various wild animals. So edgy! Fingers crossed that the next single is a return to form.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

STOP PRESS - Pop Legend Dannii Minogue On The Comeback Trail?

In news that will no doubt make Jesus weep and iTunes run out of stock, Dannii Minogue is said to be gearing up for an all-conquering return to music. Hallelujah! But before Nathan rush releases another compilation of unreleased demos and we all start sobbing, I know you bitches want receipts. I was at an industry event on Friday night (see my twitter) and spoke with one of the A&R guys from Sony Australia. He told me Dannii's manager had approached them about relaunching her pop career on one of their imprints and that they were keen to see where it all goes. That's all I know.

But the fact that the younger Minogue is finally shopping around for a record deal - after telling anyone who would listen that she was done with music forever - fills me with hope and joy. We all know Dannii has increased $ucce$$ when Kylie flops (hello, "Time  Bomb") and her profile is huge with Australia's Got Talent. I think the time is right for a Jennifer Lopez-sized comeback, preferably with a stunning club anthem like the flawless "Come And Get It". What a fucking tune! I wanted to post the clip until I remembered that there wasn't one. Fail. Happily, a "top model" from The Netherlands called Nadine took it upon herself to make one for us (below).

It goes without saying that Nadine is my new icon.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Worst Gay Anthem Of All Time

Everyone knows I'm down with the Netherlands. Any country with tall men, relaxed drug laws and plenty of pretty flowers is fine by me. I'm also rather fond of Dutch pop. Donna Lynton remains the best kept secret of the entire disco era, I would take EliZe over Adele any day and I stan hard for Eva Simons. But fuck me dead. This year's Amsterdam Pride theme song is a crime against humanity.

"I'm Gay" makes me wish I wasn't. Performed by Brandi Russell (who was in an underrated girlband called RED!) and a quartet of ratchet gays from a reality TV show, the song sounds like something the Village People rejected in 1979 for being too obvious and over the top. I'm sure everyone had good intentions but I really don't feel the need to shout "I'm gay" to random strangers while walking down the street. They can probably already tell by the La Toya Jackson track blasting from my iPod.

The video (below) also annoys me. For such an inclusive message, where is the diversity? Give me a fierce Asian gay or a big hairy bear. I'd even take a morbidly obese lesbian in a wheelchair but I'm not here for a bunch of twinks that look like they missed the latest Bel Ami casting for being too old and broke down. This is a fucking mess.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Beyoncé Is A Living Saint

When she's not running the world, Beyoncé is saving it. I can't even process my fave's greatness sometimes! The flawless goddess (loving the Destiny's Child braids) is the ambassador for World Humanitarian Day and will release a special visual for "I Was Here" on August 19 to celebrate. In the meantime, King B has released a video message (below) asking her billions of fans to "do one thing for another human being. Nothing is too small. It begins with each of us. Make your mark and say, I was here". Excuse me while I dab my eyes. Now, if Bey's philanthropy isn't enough to lift your spirits - how about news that she's back in the studio working on album number five? According to reports, the most successful artist of the millennium is holed up in a New York studio with Kanye West and Hit-Boy. The game is about to be turned on its head. Again.

Israel Cruz Behind Bars

I heard some disturbing news yesterday. Australian urban-pop star Israel Cruz has allegedly been convicted of a very serious crime and, according to my sources, will be in prison for the next 1 - 4 years. There are two sides to every story and the extremely talented writer/producer has always been very nice to me. I hope this all gets sorted out, so Israel can get back to making killer jams like "Body" (below). What a shitty situation.

Oprah Begs La Toya To Save Her TV Empire

Whatcha gonna do when your network is struggling in the ratings? If you're Oprah Winfrey, the answer is easy - call La Toya Jackson. The media heavyweight recently removed her mouth from Gayle's crotch long enough to greenlight Life With La Toya, a reality show that documents the crumbling Jackson empire (for example, Katherine's recent disappearance and Janet's shocking abuse of Michael's daughter Paris) as well as shedding light on Toy Toy's famous friends and iconic entertainment career. It goes without saying that this is the TV event of the new millennium.

If you need further proof, relive the flawless diva's unforgettable 1991 appearance on The Phil Donahue Show (which was kind of like the '80s/'90s equivalent of Jerry Springer). I die inside when that nasty woman asks if La Toya can really sing - and I'm not even going to comment on the dragon that tells Queen Toy to get a life - but I love how the music veteran nonchalantly discloses that her marriage is a sham and admits she doesn't know her husband's age. That's some vintage shade, right there! Make no mistake, you're gonna get rocked by Life With La Toya! Read all about it here.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Mariah Carey's Triumphant - Song Review

I've had a really tough week. The kind of week that makes you wish you could go back in time and not completely fuck everything up. Unfortunately, I don't have a DeLorean at the ready but there is a new Mariah Carey single to lift my spirits. "Triumphant" is everything we've come to expect from new millennium Mimi - a slick urban groove with a deceptively catchy chorus that gets lodged in your brain and refuses to leave. Of course, the pop/R&B and acting legend is joined by a couple of random rappers but I love Rick Ross and Meek Mills is relatively inoffensive.

The real treat is Mariah's stunning vocal. That beautiful instrument is back to its best - rising and falling like a faulty hot air balloon. She even dusts off the wolf whistle! The thing is - Mimi could release any old shit, which this song most definitely is not, and I'd still love it. Mother Carey's voice is the musical equivalent of a big hug from someone you love. It just makes everything better. Particularly, when she's belting out lyrics uplifting lyrics like:

Realise all things are possible 
In your heart who’s the greatest 
Reach for the stars 
Be all that you are 
And make 'em all fall down

Thank you, Mariah for reminding me that there is more to life than stability and security. If you're happy just getting by on autopilot, you might as well be dead. Now all I need is a dance remix. Cheers!


My Interview With Mya

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favourite turn-of-the-century urban-pop divas. Mya had a huge run in the early noughties with epic hits like "Case Of The Ex" (below), "Free" and her massive number one Moulin Rouge collaboration "Lady Marmalade". Sadly, she fell off the music radar almost as fast as she arrived. Devoted fans understood that she was stuck in label hell but most of us thought she had retired and currently knocking back cocktails on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. It was interesting to hear all the challenges the now 32-year-old faced and inspiring to learn that she's still on the grind with her heart set on a major label comeback. Read the entire interview over at Idolator. Now excuse me while I dust off Moodring and party like it's 2003.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Delta Goodrem Ruins Dance Music

If you thought Dulta's Arcade Fire rip-off "Sitting On Top Of The World" was terrible, wait until you hear her desperate attempt to jump on the dance bandwagon. "Dancing With A Broken Heart" sounds like a Celine Dion remix from the late '90s gone wrong. Because we all know that the stunning Canadian's remixes were flawless. It's hard to pinpoint where the second single from the famed plastic surgery addict goes wrong. To be honest, I always thought dance would be a good genre for the a-dulta-ress. Any gay will tell you that the Tommy Trash remix of "Believe Again" is the best thing she's ever released. I think the problem lies with annoyingly understated production. You typically want a dance track to build and build until it explodes during the chorus. This shit stays in first gear the whole time. What's the point of selling out and then trying to be all classy? Cunt, please. You're not fooling anyone. "Dancing With A Broken Heart" isn't high quality electronica. It's just a sad attempt to make the prettiest pony in pop more relevant to people under 30. At least be real about it and make the song fun.