Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vanessa Amorosi's Forgotten Debut

"Get Here" is the holy grail for Ness Ness fans. Recorded as a promo single for Sydney Central Plaza (a shopping centre) in 1998, the track is notably absent from the Australian version of Vanessa's debut album. I have no idea how many copies were pressed - I'm guessing quite a few if it was randomly given away to shoppers - but it rarely appears on eBay and usually goes for a small fortune. Well, it popped up again recently and I finally gave into temptation. I didn't know what to expect when the disc arrived but I was genuinely surprised to learn it was a cover of Oleta Adam's 1991 classic. Before the Brenda Russell fans start a smear campaign, I know she did it first! I'll just always associate the song with Oleta. Her version was hugely popular during the Gulf War and became a massive hit in America and the UK. Strangely, it never took off in Australia - which is probably why someone thought it was ripe for the picking. More perplexing is the decision to transform Oleta's touching ode to deployed soldiers into a cheesy dance anthem. Not that I'm complaining. Vanessa's version of "Get Here" is a trash lover's wet dream. I love the tacky 90s production and dubious arrangement, while the so bad it's amazing House Mix defies belief! With a bit of touch up this hot mess would have made a nice addition to "The Power". Someone really needs to mash it with "Absolutely Everybody" for a near lethal dose of late 90s/early 00s fabulousness. I just wish Ness Ness recorded a ballad version. Her vocal is beautiful. She was only 16 when this was recorded but you can almost smell the raw potential. Anyway, ready yourself for a screaming trashgasm. This is the campest thing you'll hear all week!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream - Pop Trash Review

"Aphrodite" wins the award for my most anticipated album of 2010 but "Teenage Dream" comes a very close second. Which is strange because until recently I just wasn't that into Katy Perry. I loved "One Of The Boys" and stuck up for pop's favourite former christian when the gays of blogland accused her of homophobia for recording "I Kissed A Girl" but she never really rocked my world. I guess I always thought of her as the new and improved Avril Lavigne - with better hair and a slightly less grating voice. But then the songs from "Teenage Dream" started to leak and it became increasingly apparent that Katy was in the process of re-inventing herself yet again. The faux rock chick had been replaced by a fully fledged pop star complete with a new image that miraculously walks the line between girl next door (if she were a 50s pin up) and Ke$ha-tastic party slut. I'm amazed by how readily fans have embraced the new Katy Perry but I guess it doesn't hurt that "California Gurls" and the title track represent the best one, two punch in pop since Gaga followed "Just Dance" with "Poker Face".

With the bar set so high, you can't help but wonder if the rest of the album is going to match the same lofty standards. And at first listen I thought that "Teenage Dream" fell a bit short. The mix of genres is a bit jarring at first and I struggled to reconcile the sweetness of "Not Like The Movies" with Katy's classy dick flashing anthem "Peacock". But with time I've come to think of "Teenage Dream" as a concept album of sorts. It looks at adolescence from a lot of different angles - from the immature and debauched to the sweet and hopeful. As a body of work, it doesn't always flow seamlessly ("Circle The Drain" and "Who Am I Living For?" sound completely out of place) but it's hugely enjoyable and there are at least another 5 or 6 singles just waiting to wreak havoc on the charts. Like it or not, Katy Perry has delivered one of the year's best pop albums and moved up the ladder from being B List to a veritable chart superstar. Here is my track by track review:

Teenage Dream

The opening track and second single is an irresistible slice of nostalgia that works its way further into your brain every time you hear it on the radio. I love the sweet lyrics ("I finally found you, my missing puzzle piece") and ridiculously catchy chorus. Katy isn't the world's most versatile vocalist but she manages to sound softer and less affected on this. A lot of credit has to go to the producers. Max Martin, Dr Luke and Benny Blanco also re-invent themselves on "Teenage Dream". After churning out about 35 songs that sound like rejects from Pink's "I'm Not Dead" album (Hello, Adam Lambert!), they finally come up with something fresh and different. The video isn't too shabby either.

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Ok, let's get it out of the way. America's first lady of pop called and wants her act back. I'm convinced "Last Friday Night" was stolen from the box of old demos Ke$ha keeps next to her glitter gun and crate of black market Jack Daniels. This hot jam sounds like it was lifted straight from "Animal" - particularly when Katy says damn! - but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you're going to jack someone's swagga it might as well be someone good. And Ke$ha is the reigning Queen of US pop, so kudos for having taste. Despite the blatant thievery, there's no denying that "Last Friday Night" is a killer song that should be released as a single sooner rather than later. The lyrics always bring a smile to my face and Max Martin deserves a Grammy for reviving the 80s Sax solo. It gets me everytime! This is the next "I Gotta Feeling" so just get used to it. You'll be hearing "Last Friday Night" 20 times a weekend for the next year or two.

California Gurls

There is something painfully contrived about the album's lead single. It sounds like it was put together in a laboratory by a group of scientists hired to create a surefire #1 smash hit with complete disregard for creativity and humour. And yet I don't give a shit. I know it's as fake and artificial as fairy floss but that doesn't make it any less camp and delicious. Sure, "California Gurls" is getting a bit old now but I still get the urge to turn it up every time it comes on the radio. That chorus is more addictive than heroin and I still get a kick out of Snoop rapping about wieners. A modern classic that will be dragged out at school formals and weddings for the next twenty or thirty years.


Easily the best song on the album, "Firework" is already locked in as Katy's next single and it should follow the previous two straight to the top of the charts. I must have given this anthem 50 spins over the past week and I still love it more each time I hear it. There's something genuinely uplifting about the lyrics and I love the move towards dance-pop. It's a new sound for both the artist and producers. Stargate have a bad reputation for recycling beats and writing the same mid-tempo urban pop jam for everyone but this is completely new territory for them. The chorus is an absolute monster and I love the way the synths keep building until the end of the song. Utterly irresistible.


You know, I hated "Peacock" the first time I heard it. This trash just seemed beneath Katy. Low brow pretenders like Britney need songs like "If U Seek Amy" to keep their less than intelligent fanbase interested but Ms Perry doesn't need controversy to stay relevant. She just needs to crash high school formals. But I digress. After a couple of listens I found myself humming along and I do love a bit of filth. Now it's one of my favourite songs on the album and I've already played it for someone as the world's least subtle hint. LOL! The verse where Katy finally sees her man's equipment cracks me up every time - "Oh my god, no exaggeration. All this time was worth the waiting. I just shed a tear, I am so unprepared!" Modern poetry.

Circle The Drain

The album's only real stinker. Christopher 'Tricky' Stewart drags Katy kicking and screaming back to "One Of The Boys" on this dire rock song. It sounds completely out of place on "Teenage Dream" and quite simply, isn't very good. Apparently, the track is a dig at Travie McCoy. I'm sure he doesn't give a fuck either with "Billionaire" still sitting pretty in the top 10. Swap this rubbish with her fabulous Timbaland collaboration "If We Ever Meet Again".

The One That Got Away

I adore this cute little gem. Dr Luke and Max Martin join forces to write a disarmingly sweet song about lost love. Think of "The One That Got Away" as the sequel to"Teenage Dream" - when the protagonists grow up and find someone else to fuck. The emotions expressed in the song are universal and I love the heady mix of melancholy and nostalgia. I can almost see Katy's cheerleader's uniform and her boyfriend's football jacket. As usual with Max Martin & Co, the chorus is brilliant and the low key production successfully shows a different side of Katy. I would definitely put this forward for the 4th or 5th single. Radio would eat it up and the possibilities for the video are endless.


"E.T." leaked months ago as "Future Lovers". I liked it then and I like it even more now. This is the closest Katy gets to pure electro and unlike Christina Aguilera's desperate attempt to jump on that bandwagon, she actually pulls it off. The song takes a couple of listens but it is strangely hypnotic and I love the extended alien metaphor. Again this is big change of pace for Max Martin and Dr Luke, who seem to have kept all their best tracks for Katy. Every other diva in pop is currently spitting chips. Deal, bitches.

Who Am I Living For?

Much like "Circle The Drain", "Who Am I Living For?" is an epic fail that sounds like a reject from "One Of The Boys". Did someone give Tricky the wrong brief? I've swapped this with "Starstrukk" on my iTunes playlist.


Not my favourite song on "Teenage Dream" but Greg Wells' first contribution to the album is a grower. I like a good female empowerment anthem as much as the next gay and I'm sure downtrodden women and awkward teenagers around the globe will be pumping this on high volume as they curse their bad boyfriends and squeeze their pimples. Respectively. It is a little bit lame but I love the way Katy pronounces pearl as if she's coughing one up and the production is pretty. A satisfying album track.

Hummingbird Heartbeat

Tricky redeems himself somewhat on "Hummingbird Heartbeart". It's a catchy slice of pop rock in the vein of "I Kissed A Girl" or "Waking Up In Vegas". I'm not sure about the opening line "You make me feel like I'm losing my virginity... every time you touch me" but it's an inoffensive little jam that manages to span the guitar heavy sound of "One Of The Boys" and Katy's new pop orientation. Again, not exactly single material but still worth a listen.

Not Like The Movies

I love this. "Teenage Dream" needed a good ballad and "Not Like The Movies" does nicely. It's a simple piano based affair with surprisingly tender lyrics. I actually love the sentiment of the song - that you need to stop waiting for Prince Charming and get your head out of the clouds. Making it one of the more realistic love songs I can remember hearing. Katy also manages to keep a lid on her sometimes grating vocals, which will please people who thought her last big ballad "Thinking Of You" was a crime against humanity. A fitting conclusion to a great pop album.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dannii - Cos You're Beautiful - Exclusive!

My devotion to the young and fertile Minogue sister still burns as bright as ever despite the shameful fact that I never got around to reviewing her latest musical masterpiece - "Cos You're Beautiful". In case you've been living under a rock or are just a delusional hater, Dannii debuted her next #1 club hit on the reality show Style Queen. Penned by X Factor's Ruth Lorenzo, the track sounds like a "Touch Me Like That" sized smash to my ears. I love the inspirational lyrics and the Queen of Clubs delivers a truly spine-tingling vocal. I was going to wait for a longer clip to leak before commenting on its obvious genius but I couldn't restrain myself after receiving an exclusive first peek at the stunning artwork from Kylie an anonymous source. The cover perfectly captures Dannii's rigorous beauty regime and low key approach to glamour. It's also good to see she hasn't been stingy with the remixes. The Sliced 'N' Diced Dub sounds amazing! Hopefully, there will also be a remix featuring Ruth's heavenly pipes because that hot Spanish bitch needs a break. She's still the best thing to emerge from X Factor and a collaboration with Dannii would be a surefire #1 smash. In Gran Canaria. If you haven't seen the clip yet, brace yourself for what could be the song of the year!

Get Outta My Way - Teaser Video

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days but I've been MIA due to a tidal wave of personal dramas. I promise to pull my proverbial finger out this week with a review of Katy Perry's (amazing) album, a Ness Ness post and my long overdue recap of Luciana's recent Australian tour. However, I thought I'd kick things off with a Minogue double dose. Every gay with a blog has already posted the teaser clip of "Get Outta My Way" but here are my two cents. After the nude orgy extravaganza that was "All The Lovers", Kylie has clearly opted for what I like to call the 'pretty lights' option for single number two. Kelly Rowland's "Work" or the pre-historic Minogue's own "In Your Eyes" video are good examples of this genre. It's very effective when done well and Kylie seems to have got it just right. I love the simplicity of the lighting and the costumes look great. The whole lying on the floor dance routine is very reminiscent of "Slow" but if you're going to rip anyone off it might as well be yourself. At first I was concerned that her hair looked a bit 80s perm in a scrunchie (hence why she's hanging her head in shame) but I'm giving Kylie the benefit of the doubt! Fingers crossed this kick starts the campaign. "Get Outta My Way" is such a strong single. I'm actually surprised it's still languishing outside the top 100 on iTunes and not taking off on radio. Wake up Australia, this is Kylie's catchiest anthem since "What Do I Have To Do"!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Return Of Matisse!

I'm so excited I can hardly breathe. My girl Matisse hasn't been thrown on the pop scrapheap after all! Thank you, La Toya God! Perhaps, I should back track for a second. Some of you might remember my original post on America's new Queen of pop. Matisse first came to nobody's attention as one half of the twintastic girlband Brit & Alex. After scoring one (very) minor hit, Brit changed her name and went solo. Her tens of fans hoped for the best but I don't think anyone expected her to change the face of pop music forever. I'm not exaggerating. "Better Than Her" is the defining anthem of 2010. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and still spin Matisse's amazing RedOne knock off on a daily basis. Sadly, the song never took off despite the diva's amazing tour of shopping centres. As far as I'm concerned this is the biggest travesty since Suzy Ray's stunning "Disco In My Car" failed to chart! Happily, Jive finally realised that they have the second coming of Madonna of their hands and shelled out for a new remix with Akon (below). It took a couple of listens to get used to but now I'm feeling it. Sure, it's a bit desperate and not a patch on the original but anything that brings Matisse to the masses is a good thing. Now, hurry up and film a video!

Azerbaijani Ho Jacks Beyoncé's Swagga

Don't get me wrong. I'm down with Safura. Girlfriend owned Eurovision 2010 and her stunning debut "Drip Drop" was a deserved #181 UK smash hit. Hell, I even spent 20 Euros importing her (rather fabulous) album from Germany. But no one - and I repeat, no one - FUCKS with Queen B! I can't believe the pride of Azerbaijan had the audacity to go all Sasha Fierce in her new video. Who does she think she is? Ninel Conde? Honestly, "March On" re-defines the term hot mess. Safura proves without a doubt that she's currently the worst dancer in pop music (Robyn just breathed a sigh of relief) and the Beyoncé thievery that begins at the 1:20 minute mark is car crash viewing at its best. Or worst - depending on your tolerance for comedy. I love how she's not only ripped off the choreography from "Diva" but also managed to hunt down Bey's costume on eBay. Well played, Safura! All sarcasm aside, "March On" is actually a good song and deserves to scrape into the top 100 on some random chart. Bring on her much hyped (by Azerbaijani gays) collaboration with Colby O'Donis!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zoë Badwi's UK Makeover

Zoë Badwi is on fire at the moment. Her latest single "Freefallin'" is catching fire on radio and currently sits just outside the top 50 on iTunes. This could be the crossover smash Zoë and I everyone has been waiting for since the glory days of Sirens! Impressively, things are also starting to take off for the diva internationally. She's been picked up by Atlantic Records in the US and has a single being serviced to UK radio as I type. And surprisingly, it's not "Freefallin'". Instead, 3 Beat are re-releasing "Release Me". Try saying that after 4 four beers! It's an interesting choice. I first wrote about my love for Zoë's club classic way back in January 2009. The track was a smash in Sydney's gay nightclubs but never really crossed over despite ruling dancefloors for months.

"Release Me" was then released - this is killing me - in the UK in August 2009 and flopped worse than Delta Goodrem in America. A year has passed and the record label are trying their luck again. Only this time the song is credited to TV Rock (who produced it) and Zoë Badwi. I'm not sure why because nobody knows who they are either. Anyway, more exciting is the glamorous new cover (above) and a hot new remix package featuring the likes of Cahill, Pitron & Sanna, Neils Van Gogh and Ryan Riback. 3 Beat were also kind enough to send me the new UK Radio Edit (below) but I'm fucked if I can tell the difference. Regardless, it's a brilliant song and deserves to be massive. Which it could well be given the huge support it's already receiving from Radio 1. Amusingly, "Release Me" will then be re-released in Australia as Zoë's next single so you better get used to it. Fingers crossed they film a proper video this time around. Now pretty girls, raise your hands!

Tania Foster is #1 in the UK!

Back in February I wrote a post about an amazing demo I received called "Supawoman". Tania Foster's stunning anthem blew me away and still ranks as one of my favourite songs of 2010. That smash-in-waiting is currently being tweaked by a very well known dance outfit for future release but the British diva has already struck chart gold with another track. Her recent collaboration with hip hop outfit Roll Deep just dethroned Flo Rida and David Guetta to claim the #1 spot in the UK. Despite not being credited, Tania owns "Green Light". Her catchy chorus and brilliant vocal gives the song its crossover appeal and she even upstages the tacky rent-a-bimbo in the video with her general fierceness. Hopefully, this is the push Tania needs to launch her solo career. She is the complete package - with the looks, vocal talent and songwriting ability to be absolutely massive. In the meantime check out "Green Light". I love it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 Gay Date Commandments & Am8er's Stunning Video

Sorry about the lack of updates lately but I spent the weekend stalking Luciana. More about that very soon - including details of her collaboration with a certain Girls Aloud member and another Kylie exclusive - but I can't resist the urge to post Am8er's long awaited "10 Date Commandments" video. The controversial diva has caused quite a stir over the past couple of months but she is having the last laugh. Her sexy collab with Lil' Kim is taking off on radio and she just played a showcase with Taio Cruz (pic below). Anyway, the video is great. Am8er finally leaves her signature colourful K-mart t-shirts on the dressing room floor and embraces a classy new image, while still staying true to her 'look'. Kim can't match her in the glamour stakes but I love her nasty bumping and grinding. With any luck Am8er's smash will rocket to #1 and put all the H8TRZ in check! The video/radio version is also a lot more palatable to pop fans than the hot remix doing the rounds, so check it out. Now, to celebrate the release of this new urban classic, I've decided to whip up my very own 10 Date Commandments for desperate homosexuals. If you follow these you'll probably still be sad and lonely but they should at least help you weed out the time wasters. Sit down and take notes!

1. A guy who wants to know if you're a top or a bottom before asking your name is probably not interested in a long term relationship.

2. You're unlikely to meet the man of your dreams in a sauna, sex club or beat. Just saying.

3. When using the internet or Grindr to find a man please remember that:

Mates or dates = Looking for cock
Versatile = Bottom
Stocky = Fat
Down to earth = Ugly
Straight acting = Anything from Adam Levine and Adam Lambert
Discreet = Married

4. Invade his privacy if you suspect he's a player. I recommend rifling through drawers, hacking into his email account and looking through text messages when he's on the toilet.

5. If his favourite singers are Cher and Bette Midler, chances are he's not really 29.

6. A jealous fag hag will ruin your life. Run for the hills if feel like you've wandered on the set of Will & Grace.

7. Lower your standards. These are desperate times and you can always turn off the lights or hire a stylist.

8. Try to maintain the illusion that you're not a complete whore for at least the first few weeks.

9. Take off your beer/ecstasy/GHB goggles before getting on Twitter and announcing that you've found Mr Right because you're probably going to wake up next to someone who looks like Steve Buscemi.

10. Nothing says desperate stalker quite like updating your Facebook status to 'in a relationship' after the first date.

Taio Cruz - in the presence of greatness

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kelly Llorenna - Pop Trash Interview

If I had to choose my favourite post from the past five years of Pop Trash Addicts, I'd probably go with my retrospective on Kelly Llorenna's career - Requiem For An Orange Goddess. It's not particularly well written or insightful (in fact, I think I was high when I wrote it: "The mere sight of Kelly is enough to throw her core audience of unwed teenage mothers and derelict homosexuals into an uncontrollable frenzy" - LOL!) but it captures the depth of my love for the holy pop icon. K Lo is an acquired taste but I was smitten from the first time I heard "Set You Free" in the mid-90s. That lead to years of crazed fandom on the old AATW forum and even a ratty fansite I put together with Jamie - who classily founded Kelly's first fanclub. Respect! The original Queen of clubs has been a bit quiet lately but she's on the cusp of a fabulous comeback as the face of Freak Asylum - a new band she founded with the boys from Love To Infinity. Their sound is an interesting change of pace for the diva but I'm sure her tens millions of fans will go along for the ride. Kelly was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule of tanning and nightclub PAs to answer some questions about her amazing career and new venture. K Lo, we salute you!

Kelly, I'm such a big fan. I can't wait to probe you properly but before we get into it - can you please debunk the hateful rumours that you sleep in a vat of golden glow?
Ha ha... well, my darling, the rumours are true! I have a special bedroom with a bed (like a coffin!) that sprays me all night and every night! With the special K-Lo glow! Laughs. Gotta keep the glow up, guys!! (Laughs again). Now that I am platinum blonde (for my sins... my dark roots grow through in 48hrs. Not good as I will probably be bald by Xmas!) I have ditched the tan for good! Being blonde with a tan is definitely not a good look, you will be pleased to know!

Did you ever think your luminous natural tan would become your trademark?
Ha ha. Hey, it could be worse!! (Laughs). But I can have a joke and don't take myself too seriously when it comes to tan jokes. (Laughs again).

You are one of pop music's great survivors – first coming to international super stardom as the voice of N-Trance, then as the original Queen of Clubs and now as the face of Freak Asylum. How do you explain your longevity in the industry?
Simple! 3 words! I SING LIVE! There's few and far between that can cut it in dance music. It's ok having the hits but you have to be able to sing them live! I have seen lots of singers come and go over the years!

“All Clubbed Up” is one of the defining albums of the noughties. Did you receive any flack for releasing a greatest hits compilation as your debut? Why was it so long in the making?
No, I didn't really get any flack as I had done, and featured on, some massive dance tracks before my solo career, so it made sense to do a greatest hits... even though it was 50/50 the hits and new songs I had written too.

That era spawned a bunch of classic tracks like “Heart Of Gold”, “Brighter Day” and your amazing top 10 smash hit cover of Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart”. Do you have a favourite from the early years?
Ooh!! Too many for different reasons! Obviously "Set You Free", which was a personal achievement for me and the band. It was a long time coming and we gigged that for years before it ever did anything in the charts. "Tell It To My Heart" (below) because even though I had solo singles out before, it was my first top ten.

Is there anything that you absolutely hate and wish you had never recorded?
Erm!! Ys but not gonna say. He he!

During those years, you were the undisputed Queen of AATW. How did you feel when first Dannii and then Cascada tried to steal your rightful crown?
Oh nothing at all! Manian and Yanou from Cascada make great dance songs and their production is class and Natalie has a great pop voice. I've done a lot of gigs with them and they are cool guys. Dannii is cool too. Love To Infinity have written with and produced Dannii. She went to Andy's Birthday Party! We all love Dannii and she is now a yummy mummy too!

Why have so many of your best songs remained unreleased? “One Day I’ll Fly Away” and “Nobody Like You” are two of my favourite K Lo anthems. And your massive improvement on Madonna’s “Dress You Up” was an internet smash. Is there a massive conspiracy to keep you from taking over the charts?
Ha ha... that has been said many times! (Laughs). The tracks you have mentioned where down to behind the scenes politics but hey, that's life! But yeah, tracks like "Nobody Like You" was one of my faves too! "Dress You Up" is still big on the gigs just like when I did the UK Arena tour... maybe certain people have a voodoo doll stickin' pins in me not to succeed! (Laughs).

Over the past couple of years you have collaborated often with legendary dance outfit Love To Infinity. “Keep Love Together” and “Sweetest Day Of May” are huge favourites of mine. How did that union come about?
Andy, Pete and Dave Lee from Love To Infinity and myself go way back!! Andy Lee engineered "Set You Free" back in the day! So, we've been friends a long time. On each part we both had mutual respect and loved what each one of us was doing so it made sense to work together on the LTI stuff. I joined Love To Infinity as an equal member in 2007 as their new singer, and now we have FREAK ASYLUM together.
Tell me more about Freak Asylum. Whose idea was it?
The band was born in a bar in Las Vegas. Andy and I were contemplating what to do with all our musical influences, so Freakz was the natural progression. It's a collaboration between myself and the Love To Infinity Brothers. A whole new band. It's been a dream of ours for along time now! Great songs, great guitar riffs, great huge synths, killer dance beats. Basically, great pop/rock/dance/radio friendly songs. I really think you are all gonna love the new album. Think Pink, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson etc. Freak Asylum rock! Check us out at www.freakasylum.co.uk , @freakasylum on twitter, I just got an iPhone 4, so I will be tweeting all the time now! Follow me Freakz for all my wonderful wacky thoughts and ideas! It's gonna be freakin' mad!!

What is it like to re-invent yourself after so many years as the golden goddess of Hi-NRG? Are your fans shocked by your new sound?
Freak Asylum KICKS ASS!! Wait till you hear songs like "Fetish" and "Something To Say" with Korn's Guitarist Shane Gibson! There is an energy to these songs that I just can't describe. They are very uptempo! So the Kelly fans are still gonna love this! I wanted this new start to have no preconceptions, to come back with a whole new look, new image, new sound and most importantly NEW BAND. Freak Asylum is a band and we will be out touring very soon and all my fans have embraced it which is brilliant! Thank you soooooo much! So onwards and upwards as they say! And as you know my alias is Lola Leethal! Ooh yeah! It's my alter ego! And believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet! Lola is bad ass! There is a whole side to me you all have never seen yet! Ha ha.

Who have you worked with on the new album? I read that Toby Gad was involved.
I've been in LA a lot working on the new record and this has taken a lot of time to get the songs right. It's all about the songs for us. We've got some of the best writers on the planet like Toby Gad, who I just LOVE! His work with Beyonce, Alicia Keys and, of course, The Veronicas is amazing... so I feel very honoured to have one of his songs and it's a killer song "You Better Leave"! You guys are gonna love it and you will be hearing it very soon! Working with Peter Hook from New Order/Joy Division was also great. He played on two songs on the album and wrote one with us. He came down to the studio with the original bass he used on "LOVE WILL TEAR US APART". Now that's a serious piece of music history sat in that bass guitar case! Hooky has a totally unique sound, you can always tell when Hooky is playing on a record and that's such a cool thing to have a sound that everyone instantly knows.

I've been working with a true Guitar legend 'Mr Scary' George Lynch, George is the original LA guitar hero, a stunning player I'm honored to have him on the record, you will not believe what he can do with a guitar! And his tone is killer. Nobody and I mean nobody has guitar tone like George Lynch. We first met Shane Gibson, who plays guitar with Korn, a couple of years ago in LA, as we know Ray Luzier, Korn's Drummer, Andy has recorded with Ray in the studio. Shane does the impossible guitar parts on the album! He's wicked!! So you see I wanted an eclectic mix of the best people playing on the Freakz album.

When is the lead single going to be released?
We are in the process of deciding on the first Freak Asylum single, we have 6 possible singles. All killer, no filler as I said! And we have also started storyboarding first the video. Ooh you're gonna love it! Trust me! Lola AND Kelly. Nuff said!

Your new image is outrageous and sexier than ever. How did Lola Leethal evolve?
Ha ha. I have always been Lola Lethal but never had the chance to let her be leashed to the public! Ha ha, she is out now and trust me, you gonna see plenty of Lola!

Finally, you haven’t aged a day since the mid-90s. Can you share the secret of your eternal youth and stunning beauty?
Haha...eternal youth? Maybe the golden glow works (Laughs)! Joking aside, I don't do anything apart from the usual girly things but I think being happy and appreciate what you have and making the best of it helps... also being self aware what suits you and doesn't! Oh yeah! I forgot - wear a descent pair of sunglasses haha!!

You can listen to a clip of Freak Asylum's music on their Myspace. Make sure you also visit their website and add Lola Leethal on Facebook. You know you want Kelly as a Facebook friend as much as I do! For more Freak Asylum, check out Gordon's fabulous interview with Kelly over at Diva Incarnate.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Russia's Outrageous New Girlband - Twinz

Last night's post about Germany's stunning Daniela Katzenberger seems to have struck a chord with the fabulous perverts, gays and perverted gays that read my blog - so I thought I'd stick with the Eurotrash theme. Only this time I'm taking it up a notch. Just when I thought I'd seen it all, a fellow trash connoisseur introduced me to Twinz. Gratuitous nudity? Check. Amazingly inane lyrics about being a gold digger? Tick. A pair of identical twins from Russia who like to fondle each others breasts? Uh huh. You probably think I'm joking but Twinz pick up where t.A.T.u. left off and proceed to cross all sorts of boundaries. The incest-tastic duo caused quite a stir at home and I really feel their next port of call should be Australia. Let's face it, if Scarlett Belle can scrape into the top 50 - then these fabulous bitches would kill the game! Or perhaps they could try the UK. Now that Girls Aloud are officially over, the British public is crying out for a girlband with real talent. "Diamonds" probably isn't going to scoop the pool at next year's Grammys but it is thoroughly enjoyable in a completely tragic kind of way and who actually gives a shit about the music when the video (below) is this stunning? Brace yourself for the Twinz experience. Don't say I didn't warn you!

German Prostitute Covers Sam Fox!

This blog has been way too classy lately. So instead of featuring yet another international superstar like Beyoncé or La Toya, I thought I'd get back to my trash roots by writing about Germany's latest pop icon. Daniela Katzenberger first came to fame on a reality TV show called "Goodbye Deutschland". The program follows Germans who move abroad to start new lives and Fraulein Katzenberger's dream of opening a cafe in Mallorca riveted the nation. I'm sure her popularity had nothing to do with her Barbie doll looks, plastic tits and penchant for wearing very little clothing. Yeah right. Anyway, someone had the brilliant idea of offering the shy and retiring flower a record deal and for that I'm eternally grateful. Daniela's amazing debut single is a cover of Samantha Fox's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now". Written and produced by Stock Aitken Waterman, the track was a UK top 10 hit for Sam back in 1987 and has gone on to become a firm fan favourite. Bitches who mess with the Fox usually face my wrath but I'll give Daniela a pass. Her version is almost disturbingly true to the original - with the exception of some much needed autotune - and she camps it up for all she's worth. Fuck Lena, Germany finally has a worthy successor to Blümchen's Queen of Pop throne! "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" is released on the 27th of August. Pre-order the single from Amazon today!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Robyn's Body Talk Part 2 - Pop Trash Review

Just when I was starting to fall in love with Robyn all over again thanks to the amazing re-worked version and hot remixes of "Hang With Me", part 2 of her "Body Talk" opus leaks and it's just as aimless and pretentious as the first. Fans are already working themselves into a frenzy - calling it a stunning return to form - but they are probably the same bitches that declared Kelis' "Flop Tone" the album of the year. Apart from the aforementioned lead single, nothing on "Body Talk Part 2" comes close to matching the genius of "Dancing On My Own". The 8 track disappointment is polluted by the same overproduced beats and deluded bragging that made the first installment such a bore. Frustratingly, I know the real Robyn is still in there somewhere. The lyrics to "Love Kills" mine the same rich vein of creativity that spawned "Bum Like You" and "Handle Me", while "Indestructible" ranks as one of the prettiest ballads the fading star has ever recorded. By the end of the "Body Talk" debacle, I have no doubt Robyn will have produced 10 tracks worthy of her stellar back catalogue but by then how many people will still care? Not many - if the first installment's not so lofty #47 chart peak in the UK is any indication.

In My Eyes - 5/10

"Body Talk Part 2" picks up where "Part 1" left off - with a thunderstorm of clinical bleeps and beeps. "In My Eyes" would make an interesting instrumental but the heavy beats smother the lyrics - turning it into a strangely lifeless listening experience. It's a shame because there's a nice song hiding in there. I like the sentiment and think the chorus has potential. The production just needed to be reigned back to showcase the subtle melody and Robyn's lovely vocal (when you can actually hear it). Not a promising start.

Include Me Out - 1/10

So I like the intro and the opening synth that hums like a dying bee. Unfortunately, it's all downhill from there. The production sounds like it was lifted straight off "The E.N.D." - which would normally be a compliment but this hip hop meets electro concoction is an epic fail. There is no discernible melody, the chorus is non-existent and the lyrics are a major embarrassment. "Can I get a bam bam for all of my whatchamacallits doin' whatever and with whoever they like?" FUCK OFF.

Hang With Me - 10/10

Sigh. The Robyn I spent 15 years worshipping makes a welcome return on this delicious anthem. I was incredibly harsh about the acoustic version of "Hang With Me" in my "Body Talk Part 1" review but it grew on me ruthlessly and the brilliant remixes eventually won me over (Avicii's stunning floorfiller is my favourite). Amazingly, this version is even better. The soaring production is epic and very reminiscent of "Dancing On My Own" without being derivative. It should be noted that this is a cover of a song Klas Åhlund wrote for Paola in 2002 but Robyn really makes it her own. She sounds amazing on this and I love how the lazer like synths and icy beats actually evoke emotion instead of suffocating it. Can't Robyn see that she is effortlessly cool when she just does her 'pop' thing without trying to be the next M.I.A./Uffie?

Love Kills - 9/10

And the award for the best new song on "Body Talk Part 2" goes to the fabulously accurate "Love Kills". I love the dark and slightly eerie production, while the lyrics are vintage Robyn. "If you're looking for love get a heart made of steel 'cause you know that love kills". Amen. Everything about this brooding anthem is fresh and original. It's not the most commercial track the Swedish diva has ever recorded but the chorus is positively hypnotic and the multitude of quirky hooks results in the album's catchiest tune. Consider this the "Dancehall Queen" of "Part 2". I'd love to know who produced it. I'll take a punt on Diplo.

We Dance to the Beat - 0/10


Criminal Intent - 4/10

"Criminal Intent" is so bad it's almost good. Almost. Again the production is intricate and interesting but completely overpowers the lyrics - which is probably for the best in this case. Robyn needs to stop singing about ruling the dancefloor. Anyone who watched the "Dancing On My Own" video knows she's a worse dancer than Sophie Ellis-Bextor and please keep a lid on the dirty lyrics. The idea of Sweden's favourite troll engaging in any kind of erotic activity is enough to make me vomit.

U Should Know Better (featuring Snoop Dogg) - 6/10

Now this shit is tragic. Which is probably why I find it so endearing. Basically, Robyn and Snoop brag about how successful and cool they are. There's a lot of swearing and name dropping - not to mention some of the worst rhymes in recent musical history. For Robyn's sake, I really hope this is a piss take.

Indestructible (Acoustic Version) - 8/10

Given the 'acoustic version' label, I assume we'll be getting an electro version on "Body Talk Part 3". Fingers crossed because this is beautiful. I love a good Robyn ballad - unlike the vast majority of Swedish pop stars, she has a unique voice and really knows how to interpret a lyric - and "Indestructible" is one of the best she's recorded since "My Truth". The strings are lovely, while the gorgeous lyrics showcase the diva's softer side. "I never was smart with love, I let the bad ones in and the good ones go". A nice way to conclude the latest "Body Talk" disappointment.

"Body Talk Part 2" is released in the UK on the 6th of September. An Australian release will follow shortly thereafter if Modular can still be bothered given the grim chart performance of the first installment. In the meantime, revel in the brilliance of "Hang With Me" (below). I want a physical single with the Avicii remix!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wasted Singles - Vol. 2

I guess it's a bit pointless to talk about wasted singles from a multi-million selling smash hit album but that's never stopped me in the past. So here goes. Contrary to popular belief, I love P!nk. In fact, I was a full blown stan circa "Try This" but - as is often the case with me - I started to lose interest when she blew up. That didn't stop me buying all the singles from "I'm Not Dead" and "Funhouse", not to mention seeing her in concert half a dozen times. Of those two career making blockbusters, I vastly prefer the former. To my ears, "Funhouse" is a lazy re-hash of "I'm Not Dead" for the countries that missed out on the "I'm Not Dead" hysteria that swept through Australia like a bushfire in January. It worked a treat but there are only a handful of songs that made my P!nk playlist. The singles were particularly hit and miss. I like "So What", love "Please Don't Leave Me" and outright worship "I Don't Believe You" but the rest left a lot to be desired. "Sober", "Bad Influence" and "Funhouse"? Bitch, please. Why bother with that shit when you have a gem like "It's All Your Fault" gathering dust on the album?

It's all your fault, you called me beautiful
You turned me out a
nd now I can't turn back

I don't know where to start with "It's All Your Fault". It's one of those tracks that cuts a little too close to the bone and drifts in and out of my life depending on my mood and general level of crazy. P!nk eloquently captures a sense of frustration and confusion that is rarely expressed in popular music. "It's All Your Fault" isn't an angry fuck off anthem or a pathetic plea to be loved. Girlfriend just wants to know where she stands. Not that it's all deep and meaningful. Produced by Swedish maestro Max Martin, this gem is every bit as catchy - if not more so - than the singles that were lifted from the album. The simple "da da da" hook does the trick and she tears the chorus up. I love P!nk's voice on this. She sounds amazing when she rocks out instead of pulling back as she does on lo-fi crap like "Crystal Ball" and "Glitter In The Air". Leave that for the lesbian singer-songwriters who don't know any better! I have no idea why "It's All Your Fault" was ignored by the record company. Maybe they wanted to leave at least one good song on the album, so people didn't demand a refund. As such, there is no video but I found this fan made clip on YouTube and it does the trick. A couple more tracks like this on her next opus and I'll happily jump back on the bandwagon.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beyoncé's Forgotten Classic

So it's Friday afternoon and I'm counting down the minutes until I can leave work and hit up the nearest bar. Not that I'm an alcoholic or anything. Unfortunately, there are 60 long minutes to go and I'm dealing the pain the best way I know how - by watching Beyoncé videos on YouTube. There's nothing like a dose of Queen B to invigorate your soul. After all, she is the third closest thing to Jesus after La Toya and Kylie! This afternoon I've been concentrating on the wildly neglected "B'Day" era. Sure, I hated that album when it was released but I finally saw the light and now acknowledge its indisputable status as one of the greatest albums of the noughties. My favourite track changes on a daily basis but it's hard to surpass the brilliance of Bey's 6 and a half minute opus "Get Me Bodied". I often think of this gem as the seed that grew into "Single Ladies". The minimal production and hand claps are reminiscent of Honey Bee's modern classic but the drag-tastic lyrics about patting your weave and walking like Naomi Campbell - not to mention the lengthy running time - resulted in one of the biggest flops of the diva's career. "Get Me Bodied" stalled at #68 in the US and wasn't even released outside of North America. It's a shame because this is a camp anthem for the ages. Just take the amazing video, which features B's holy sister Solange and those two flops from Destiny's Child. The clip re-creates Bob Fosse's choreography from "Sweet Charity" and the result is a joyous celebration of Beyoncé's unmatched talent. Sit back and soak up the glamour of "Get me Bodied"!

Who Is Isha Coco?

As far as American DJs go, Dave Audé is pretty close to the top of my list. He is the go to man for all the big divas - churning out hot remixes for superstars like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Heidi Montag. I'm still pumping his "Halo" mix on a daily basis 18 months later! Well, Dave has decided to get a piece of the action for himself and recently released a sizzling tune called "Figure It Out". The song is already top 10 on US club play and looks set to burn up dancefloors around the world. However, as much as I love Mr Audé, this post is really about the featured artist on that track - the mysterious Isha Coco. When I first heard "Figure It Out", I thought Isha's voice sounded familiar but couldn't quite place her. I did a bit of digging and finally got confirmation. It turns out Isha Coco is a stage name for a very famous female vocalist. This is a completely new style for her and I think she pulls it off brilliantly. No one believes me when I tell them who it is, so I thought I'd put it to you. Who is Isha Coco? The first person to guess correctly gets... my respect and admiration! Put on your thinking caps and give the track a listen (below).

Potbelleez, Dane Rumble & My Beef With Cassie Davis!

Dane Rumble

Dear readers, pop trash heaven exists. I know this for a fact because I saw a glimpse of it at last night's joint Dane Rumble/Potbelleez showcase. Both acts were amazing but the real highlight the star studded audience. A-List superstars like Chris Sorbello, @m8er and - cough - Cassie Davis blessed the event with their presence and provided me with hours of entertainment. It was like Pop Trash Addicts brought to life! But more about those movers and shakers later. The showcase kicked off with New Zealand's Dane Rumble. To be honest, I didn't know much about him before the gig. Apparently, he's a big deal at home and after last night I can see why. Sounding like a cross between Dan Black and Travie McCoy - Dane has some killer tunes up his sleeve. His new single "Always Be Here" (check out the video at the bottom of this post) is catchy as fuck, while "Don't Know What To Do" screams future hit. However, the best was yet to come. Dane finished the show with a soft, 80s-tastic electro jam called "Cruel" and it was love at first listen. The song was a #3 smash in New Zealand and I think it could do similar things over here.

The Potbelleez

After Dane's set, I hunted down Chris Sorbello (love spam, bitch!) and settled in for a dose of The Potbelleez. I also caught up with @m8er before the band started. She's doing a showcase of her own next week with Taio Cruz. Take that, h8rz! So, The Potbelleez. I haven't written much about them over the years but I'm a big fan and LOVE their new single "Hello". They opened the show with it and the song sounds even better live. Some old favourites were rolled out including "Don't Hold Back" and Australia's foxiest rap diva Blue rocked the venue by taking over vocal duties on a couple of tracks. I can't tell you what happened after that because I was too hypnotised by the epic tragedy that is Cassie Davis - who crept into the venue looking like she'd just escaped from Cell Block H and hid right up the back behind a group of friends. I guess she was worried about being stormed by her army of fans. Oh wait. I wanted to say hello but Cassie overheard my date saying he bought her album for $2 in a St. Vinnies bargain bin and spent the rest of the evening shooting us death stares. She should be grateful. I got it for free and still felt ripped off! The night ended on a high when Chris introduced me to the amazing Richard Vission. We talked about "I Like That", working with Luciana and Lolene's next single. As I said, pop trash heaven.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Holiday With Ness Ness

In June I wrote a semi-scathing post about "Holiday" being selected as the fourth single from "Hazardous". I didn't hate it, I was just annoyed (and still am to a certain extent) that surefire hits like "Blow Me Away" and "Touch Me" were overlooked in favour of a novelty song. So much for promoting Vanessa as a serious artist! Anyway, since then my position has softened. I'm still slightly bitter - my love for Ness Ness runs deep - but I have to admit that hearing "Holiday" on the radio in the middle of winter is a guilty pleasure. And I'm still waiting on my invitation to join the pop icon somewhere glamorous (Taree?) for some much needed R&R. The song is yet to catch fire on iTunes but it has jumped to #36 on the airplay chart, so it could go either way with this one. Fingers crossed it's a hit because I want a fifth single. Hopefully, the video will give "Holiday" a bit of a push. Fans have been brutal but I quite like it. Sure, it probably cost less than Vanessa's nose job and the low budget special effects don't always work but I like the graphics and think she looks gorgeous. At least it's not as tragic as her "This Is Who I Am" video! Check it out (below) and get downloading.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

La Toya's Spanish Triumph!

It's been 15 long years since Toy Toy's last studio album flopped worse than "Bionic" but her reputation as the greatest performer in the history of music grows stronger by the day. Take the latest irrefutable piece of evidence to surface on YouTube. A kindred spirit has just uploaded one of the most fabulous clips I have ever seen (below). Rumours of La Toya's eccentric early 90s TV performances run rife among fans - if anyone has the footage of our Queen covering Patsy Cline's "Crazy" on horseback in Mexico, please email me! - but very few of them ever see the light of day. Count your blessings then that this bravura display is now available for your viewing ecstasy. Filmed for Spanish TV in late 1991 (judging from her nose and the fact she's promoting "No Relations"), Toy rocks España to its very foundations with a stunning medley of hits. She begins with her seminal classic "Playboy" before raising the bar even higher with her #23 Dutch smash "Sexbox". I don't even know where to start. It's one of those things that you really have to see with your own eyes. like the Mona Lisa. But here are some highlights to keep an eye out for:

1. La Toya's breathtaking outfit. I love how she pays tribute to Spain's rich cultural heritage by dressing in a gold lamé matador's jacket. Red roses and a matching cummerbund complete her ravishing ensemble.

2. The hilarious Spanish dancers - who range in size from vertically challenged to positively gigantic. Toy Toy probably found them in a Chueca sauna and took pity. I'm naming them Jordi, Pablo, Fernando and Tony.

3. Toy's fabulously incompetent miming. Keep watching to the very end when the top of her microphone falls off. LOL!

4. Some of the most amazing choreography ever captured on film. The high priestess of pop's incredible ability to recycle Michael's dance moves is genuinely impressive, while the hilarious routine at 4:10 minutes clearly inspired Katie Melua's "The Flood" video. What a thieving skank!

5. The crowd. These classy Spaniards can't get enough of La Toya. They clap, cheer, dance along, give her a standing ovation and beg for more. Spanish TV audiences clearly have impeccable taste!

Brace yourself for 9 minutes of pure, unadulterated bliss. Janet could never!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Get Outta My Way - Remixes

I know I'm a bit late with this one but I couldn't resist the urge to give my two cents on Kylie's new single cover and glorious "Get Outta My Way" remix sampler. And it's been at least 3 days since my last Minogue post, so I'm due for an update! The cover doesn't exactly blow me away - it looks a bit Photoshop-tastic and the cheap bitch really needs to consult her cutting edge fashionista sister about finding a new outfit - but she looks stunning and twice the Kylie can never be a bad thing. As for the remixes, so far so amazing. My favourite mix comes from Kris Menace, who transforms the song into the perfect soundtrack for an Ibiza sunset. I can almost smell the sweat and Sangria! A close second is Sidney Samson's crazy interpretation. Most of you will probably hate it but this might actually get played in Australian nightclubs (outside of Oxford St). There is, however, a glaring omission from the sampler - the trashtastic Bimbo Jones mix. I hope the track's absence doesn't mean that Parlophone decided to give it the flick. The remix is a hot mess of epic proportions but Kylie needs something low brow to keep the gays happy. "Get Outta My Way" is tentatively scheduled for release on the 27th of September. Fingers crossed it follows "All The Lovers" into the bottom reaches of the top 15. Jokes! I sense a smash. Now all we need is a fabulous video - preferably with more random white stallions and floating balloon animals. Check out MMB's remix sampler below. Well done, Mark!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wasted Singles - Vol. 1

I guess the title of this post speaks for itself. How often do you hear a song and think why wasn't that a released as a single? If you're anything like me, the answer is all the time! In order to vent my frustration I thought I'd start collating some my favourite hits that never were from the past couple of years. Record companies usually get it right but occasionally I'm left scratching my head, wondering what the fuck happened. Kylie fans, in particular, know this pain all too well. I'm still bitter that her urban masterpiece "One Boy Girl" never received its moment in the sun! Anyway, my first selection will probably come as a bit of a surprise. It's no secret that Britney's enduring popularity is a complete mystery to me. She can't sing, has less charisma than a cardboard box and dresses like a single mother from Bankstown. Even Cassie Davis has more going for her! So it's one of life's great ironies then that my favourite person in the entire world stans for Britney. As a result, I've been exposed to dangerously high levels of Brit Brit and even learned to endure appreciate some of her music. I doubt the former Mouseketeer will ever top the brilliance of 1999's "Born To Make You Happy" but one track on her last album comes very close.

Baby, you're so unusual
Didn't anyone tell you you're supposed to
Break my heart, I expect you to
So why haven't you?

"Unusual You" is easily the best song on "Circus" (for the record "Kill The Lights" comes a distant second). Without that track the album would be a pointless re-hash of "Blackout" - only with deep and meaningful modern poetry like "If U Seek Amy" and "Lace And Leather". Oh and let's not forget the inspirational feminist anthem "Mmm Papi". In all fairness, none of my favourite divas are known for their hard hitting social commentary or insight into the human condition but "Circus" is a curiously soulless affair. I guess that's why "Unusual You" stands out like LeToya Luckett at a Beyoncé concert. It has heart. Songs about relationships generally fall into two categories - spiteful/empowering/depressing/uplifting (choose your own adjective) break up anthems or sugary sweet ballads that make you want to vomit. "Unusual You" strikes an interesting middle ground. The lyrics come from a rather bleak and world weary place but there's a guarded optimism that I find touching. There's something inherently relatable and real about the hopes and doubts expressed in the song - a rare accomplishment indeed. I particularly like Bloodshy & Avant's production. It's so dark and detailed. There are rumours that "Unusual You" started life as Miike Snow's "In Search Of" and while there are similarities, I'm glad Bloodshy & Avant decided to keep that for themselves. The world isn't ready for indie-electro Britney just yet! So why was the track overlooked in favour of shit like "If U Seek Amy" and that idiotic re-release of "Radar"? My guess is a mix of stupidity and contractual obligations. "Unusual You" was briefly promoted to radio in Australia as the fifth single from "Circus" but was pulled at the last minute to make way for "3". It's a shame because "Unusual You" shows a different side of Britney. A side that I think I could grow to like.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Sarah McLeod - Double R

Sarah McLeod has become something of a regular on Pop Trash Addicts over the years. Her first venture into clubland "He Doesn't Love You" featured high on my best songs of 2006 countdown (along with modern classics from Katie Price, Bionda and Melissa Tkautz - LOL!) and I covered her return to the Australian pop scene late last year with "Tell Your Story Walking". We even had a little chat about her love for Rihanna's "Breakin' Dishes" but more about the poor man's Shontelle later. Unfortunately that song didn't really take off. Happily, I think she'll have better luck this time!

Yes, the ex-Superjesus frontwoman is back for another stab at electro-pop glory. "Double R" is already burning up dancefloors around the country (the Grandtheft remix is my jam) and could be Sarah's ticket back to mainstream radio. I liked "Tell Your Story Walking" but this is a massive improvement. Everything about it is bigger, badder and better. The production packs more punch and the chorus is irresistible. I've always loved Sarah's two pack a day voice and this song showcases it perfectly. My only concern is the Rihanna influence. Sarah's re-visited her Russian roulette metaphor, called the song "Double R" (a homage to "Rated R"?) and even looks a bit like RiRi in the promo pics. Girlfriend needs to stop getting down to "Rude Boy" and open her heart to "Licky" but I digress! "Double R" really is strong enough to stand on its own merit. Give Sarah's jam a spin below and make sure to download the track when it hits iTunes on the 25th of August. Bring on the video!

Sarah McLeod's "Double R"

Thursday, August 05, 2010

First Look At Chris Sorbello's Dangerzone Video!

How hot is this? My bff - the lovely and hugely talented Chris Sorbello - is gearing up for the release of her second single and just sent me over a still from the video. "Dangerzone" features several comic strip images and this is one of them. No details about the artist as yet but I love his or her work. Ministry of Sound should release an actual comic book as a limited edition tie-in. I even put my hand up to write the text! The first post I ever wrote about Chris was dedicated to "Dangerzone" and I'll admit to being slightly disappointed when it was pulled in favour of "So Lonely" at the last minute. In retrospect, it was probably a good idea because team Sorbello used the time to hire the services of Benny Blanco (Kylie, Ke$ha and Katy Perry) for a radical overhaul. I love the new version and really hope the remixes are up to scratch. While I wait (not so) patiently for more info, check out a recent interview Chris did with that ratty looking girl from Australia's Next Top Model. She talks about the album, her favourite clubs and being in a coma. And no, the last two are not related!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

@m8er's Revenge!

Australia's answer to Lily Allen and Katy Perry (according to Universal Music's highly accurate press release) has returned to the pop scene in a blaze of victorious glory with a hot new song. Of course I'm talking about @m8er, who triggered a shit storm of biblical proportions when her debut single hit the net late last year. "Kill That Bitch" - a spiritually uplifting jam about all the people she would like to murder - rubbed just about everyone the wrong way and was generally written off as one of the worst songs ever recorded. Naturally, I loved it and spent a memorable afternoon hanging out with Am8er (as she is now called) at Stonewall discussing the outpouring of hate and her future plans. During our hot date she mentioned recording a duet with Lil' Kim and promised to keep on the grind until Australia changed its mind about her. 9 long months passed without a peep but the pop revolutionary has finally returned to deliver the goods. Her Lil' Kim collaboration "10 Date Commandments" is catching fire on radio and fans are warming to her unique style if the song's rapid ascent on 2DayFM's Top 30 is any indication (vote for her here). H8trz will continue to hate but the song is a massive improvement on "Kill That Bitch" and provides a treasure trove of insightful advice including such pearls of wisdom as "no rooting on the first date". Am8er should write a self help book! The fiery diva kindly sent over some pics from the soon to be released video and it looks epic. Lil' Kim is sex on legs as usual but Am8er wins the fashion stakes with her lumberjack's cap and tartan trousers. I can't wait to see the finished product!

I've also posted a remix of the song. The original version is vastly superior but this gives you the general idea until the radio mix is uploaded. Hint. World domination can only be a matter of months away!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Luciana - New Single & Tour!

2010 really is THE year of Luciana. The dance icon scored a double platinum top 3 smash in Australia with "I Like That", co-wrote the best song on Kylie's new album, scored an American record deal with Interscope and got to hang out with me. Could it get any better?! The answer, it seems, is yes. Luciana's recent collaboration with UK rapper Lethal Bizzle has been picked up for an Australian release by Ministry of Sound and was officially released to TV and radio today. "Go Go Go" is already sitting at #24 on the club chart with minimal promotion and looks set to be the diva's next antipodean smash. As much as I love "Skin I'm In", I think this is a much wiser choice for Australia and should go down like a cheap pro on radio. It ticks all the boxes - catering to urban, pop and dance fans. And name checks Beyoncé, so it's clearly amazing. The video (below) is a complete trip and probably brings on epilepsy if you watch it too many times but I love it and can't wait to see it on Channel V. My only gripe is with the scary cover (above) but you can't have everything. In other exciting news, Luciana is returning to Sydney on the 21st of August to headline the Endless Summer music festival. Later that day, she's flying up to Brisbane for a gig at Family nightclub. Decisions, decisions. Fuck it. I'll do both!

Kaci's Latest Trash Anthem - Body Shots

Kaci Battaglia is probably best known to pop fans as the pure as snow 13 year old who desperately tried to cut Britney's grass back in 2001 with her sugary sweet UK top 20 hit "Paradise" and top 10 cover of the Partridge Family classic "I Think I Love You". After several years in the wilderness, Kaci returned last year with a sexy new image and club smash called "Crazy Possessive" - which shamelessly ripped off "Womanizer" but still managed to sound 100 times better. That amazing anthem didn't quite catch on but the former child star isn't going anywhere. Kaci's latest stunning triumph is a call to arms for alcoholics and features a desperate cameo by Ludacris. Oh and it still sounds like something Britney's A&R received, ridiculed and rejected. Basically, "Body Shots" is a slice of heaven! The track might be low brow but it's undeniably catchy and I can easily imagine it becoming the soundtrack of choice for bad girls everywhere. I even think the Ludacris rap works. And let's face it - if Justin Bieber can get away with pulling this shit then why can't a stone cold fox like Kaci? As usual with flop divas of yesteryear, the song is being road tested in clubs before being pushed to radio and the remix package is impressive. My favourite is the WAWA mix (below) but Dave Audé's is a close second. Bring on the sure to be scandalous video!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Nikka Costa's Pop Makeover

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the (musical) highlights of my recent European trip was snaring a copy of Nikka Costa's latest single in Germany. That might sound incredibly lame to... just about everyone but Nikka and I have history. You see, the adopted Australian was one of my high school obsessions. Which is fucking weird given her rock/soul/funk sound. "Butterfly Rocket" screams the 90s to me more than bucket bongs and Buffy. Our passionate affair continued well into the next decade with her amazing breakthrough album "Everybody's Got Their Something" but we drifted apart as the years passed and I'm ashamed to say that I never got around to buying her last independently released opus "Pebble To A Pearl" (something I'll have to rectify ASAP).

That takes me back to Germany where Nikka has a new album slated for release on the 3rd of September. And if the lead single is any indication, it's set to be stunning return to form. "Ching Ching Ching" is an interesting change of pace for the former rock chick. The soulful sound of her previous albums has been replaced by upbeat guitar pop. Naturally, the faithful are up in arms - accusing the diva of "selling out" - but I love it. And so do the Germans, who recently made it Nikka's first chart hit in over a decade. Take that, whingers! "Ching Ching Ching" demands a couple of listens but stick with it. The lyrics are typically wry and the chorus should come with a 'catchy as fuck' warning. This would be my favourite comeback of 2010 if Jennifer Rush hadn't escaped from her crypt to record the song of the year. Anyway, make sure you watch the classy video. Nikka must be pushing 40 but she looks hotter than ever and the simple concept works. EMI Australia need to get on this shit instead of wasting their time and money on Erika!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Kylie's Latest Chart Triumph

Dannii's ancient sister is on fire at the moment. "All The Lovers" not only rebounds from #29 to become a #13 SMASH in Australia this week, the song also jumped to #1 on the US dance chart. The first time Kylie has achieved that feat since "Slow". To be honest, I'm a bit surprised. "All The Lovers" is heavenly but the official mixes are pretty dreadful with the exception of WAWA & MMB's brilliant effort. Speaking of which, here is a fan made video for that remix. I love how the white horse and floating elephant now play starring roles! At least someone knows true talent when they see it. This fabulous shit should be played twice hourly at The Shift until "Get Outta My Way" is unveiled. Which I hope is sooner rather than later because I am officially obsessed with that song. More exciting Kylie news to report as soon as I'm sure I won't be sued!

Gabi Cilmi's Latest Single Is...

"Defender". Hmmmm. I can't decide if this is an inspired decision or the final nail in rotting coffin that is Gabriella's career. While there are far better songs on the diva's criminally underrated sophomore album ("Love Me Cos You Want To", "What If You Knew", "Robots", "Boys" and "Superhot" all spring to mind), this is an obvious attempt at re-connecting with the millions of housewives that bought "Lessons To Be Learned". If you need more convincing that this is an exercise in damage control, the ballad is being released as a double A-side with a cover of Kiki Dee's "Magic Carpet Ride" - which should appeal to grandmothers everywhere! It reeks of desperation but I hope it works. Unlike most of her contemporaries, Gabi has a good voice and "Defender" is actually a rather lovely despite the hateful comments I made in my album review. Whoops! The song is completely overwrought but the Hallmark lyrics still connect with my inner sap and she looks totally hot in the ridiculous video (below). I love it when Gabriella randomly cuts off her hair and gives herself a henna tattoo! Anyway, fingers crossed for some trashy remixes to liven things up. "Defender" is released in the UK on the 22nd of August. Take pity on the poor bitch and buy it.

Baby, There's A Shark In The Water!

Ok, so I'm officially the last person on the VV Brown bandwagon. "Shark In The Water" kind of bored me when it was released last year and I rather stupidly dismissed the singer as another overhyped diva with a great stylist. But then I heard the Static Revenger remix recently and haven't been able to get the song out of my head. This tune is seriously more addictive than chocolate coated crack. I love how the remix beefs up the track without losing the retro charm of the original. All the catchy hooks are still there but the beats are heavier and that gorgeous chorus now packs an even greater punch. VV's smash (in my alternate universe) recently surprised everyone by crawling into the US top 100, so hopefully there's still some life left in her amazing flop album. I've grown to love every track on "Travelling Like The Light" but "Game Over", in particular, is crying out for a re-release. And let's face it. If Shontelle can score a top 15 hit in America, anything is possible! Give Static Revenger's fabulous "Shark In The Water" overhaul a listen below. This is my jam!