Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry for another huge delay. I got caught up in Spain's fabulousness and stayed a lot longer than I initially thought. Unfortunately posts won't resume as normal for at least another week because I'm finally going home! I stepped off the plane into the English winter and made a spur of the moment decision to fly back to Sydney - at the very least until the end of the Australian summer. I can't wait to see my friends and family, not hear Girls Aloud on the radio, be reunited with my dog and eat vegetables that have a discernible taste. It's also pure coincidence that my return coincides with Kylie's Australian tour! See you all very soon.

PS. "More More More (Winter Chill Mix)" completely restores my faith in the Dannii!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lost In Spain

I've escaped London for a few days of Spanish fabulousness. Posts will resume soon with a recap of my trashy adventures - if I can bring myself to leave this gorgeous country!

PS. Thanks for all the e-mails and texts updating me on "X Factor". I'm glad to see buxom Ruth make it through another week with her stunning rendition of "Enough Is Enough" (above). This sexy señorita's magnificent rack is Spain's greatest export since paella!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dannii's Latest Shitty Cash-In

I've always lived by the motto that whatever Kylie does, Dannii can do better - a fact the younger, more fabulous Minogue proves yet again with her latest crappy compilation of previously released songs. I thought the "X - Tour Edition" was the year's more pointless release until the tracklist of Dannii's "The Early Years" was revealed. There are no new tracks, just a stack of shitty remixes and a bunch of songs from "Love & Kisses" and "Get Into You". I'm a huge fan of early Dannii and was hoping to finally hear some of the songs from Dannii's scrapped third album (like the original, poptastic version of "Everlasting Night"). Instead we get stunning rarities like... "This Is It". Cheers. I'm not sure who this shameless cash-in is actually supposed to appeal to. The Dannii faithful will already have these tracks in their collection and casual fans would be far better served to spend $2 buying "Love & Kisses" and "Get Into You" from Ebay. At least that way you wont miss out on true gems like "Party Jam" and "Work" - not to mention the opportunity of listening to Kylie's vindictive attempt to torpedo Dannii's career by writing "Love Traffic" for her! Even more annoying is the fact that it's a digital only release - we don't even have a selection of curvaceous pre-surgery pics to drool over. I think Dannii has officially scraped the bottom of the barrel with this turd:

01 Love And Kisses (Dancin Danny D 7") 3:43
02 Success (Bruce Forest 7") 3:47
03 Attitude 5:12
04 Jump To The Beat (L.A. Master Remix) 4:35
05 Baby Love (Silky 70's Edit) 3:46
06 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (L.A. 7" Edit) 3:29
07 True Lovers 4:37
08 Show You The Way To Go 4:27
09 Love's On Every Corner (Alternative 7" Edit) 3:44
10 Be Careful (7" Edit) 3:42
11 Lucky Tonight (Original Version) 4:37
12 This Is It 3:40
13 This Is The Way (Master Guitar Mix) 4:39
14 Get Into You (Original 7" Radio Edit) 3:46
15 Kiss And Make Up (Original Version) 4:28
16 Until We Meet Again 4:26
17 I Wish You'd Stop Wishing (Original Version) 5:20
18 Baby Love (E-Smoove 7") 4:28
19 Success (E-Smoove 7") 2:50
20 This Is It (Murk 7") 3:58

Oh and in case anyone is holding out for an Australian release (a la "Club Disco"), I contacted Central Station and they said they were not planning to pick this trash up due to the fact that Mushroom Records (Dannii's old label) hold the rights to these songs. Could "The Early Years" be any more pointless?